2003 Shows

1/17/03 Mugsy’s, Carbondale, IL (w/Bourbon Knights)

1/18/03 Mugsy’s, Carbondale, IL (w/Grandpa’s Ghost and Stop & Listen Boys)

2/07/03 Sally T’s, St Peters, MO

2/21/03 Hangar 9 Carbondale, IL

3/15/03 Hangar 9, Carbondale, IL (Wissmann for City Council benefit)

3/17/03 Mugsy’s, Carbondale, IL

3/22/03 Frederick’s Music Lounge, St Louis, Mo

4/04/03 Hangar 9, Carbondale, IL

4/25/03 Booby’s Beer Garden, Carbondale, IL

5/01/03 Hangar 9, Carbondale, IL (Birger Fundraiser)

5/02/03 Mugsy’s, Carbondale, IL (with Hayseed Dixie)

5/03/03 Makandafest, Makanda, IL (2nd Church Sermon)

5/31/03 Yellowmoon Café, Cobden, IL

6/14/03 Sally T’s, St Peters, MO

6/20/03 Pauly’s, Herrin, IL

6/21/03 Hangar 9, Carbondale, IL

6/27/03 Mugsy’s, Carbondale, IL

6/28/03 Wedding after party, Springfield, IL

7/19/03 Log Cabin Tavern, Marion, IL

7/24/03 Booby’s Beer Garden, Carbondale, IL

8/09/03 Leo Party, Misunderstudio, Murphysboro, IL

8/23/03 Mugsy’s, Carbondale, IL

8/28/03 Clearwater Theatre, West Dundee, IL (with Broken Grass)

8/29/03 Hideout Inn, Chicago, IL

9/13/03 Hangar 9, Carbondale, IL

10/03/03 Mugsy’s, Carbondale, IL (with High on the Hog)

10/04/03 Bluegrass Festival, Harrisburg, IL

10/11/03 Hangar 9, Carbondale, IL (Born With A Tail CD Release Party)

10/18/03 Vulture Fest, Makanda, IL (I’ve Killed Men CD Release Party and 3rd Church Sermon)

10/24/03 Sally T’s, St Peters, MO

10/31/03 Mugsy’s, Carbondale, IL (Halloween Party w/ Bourbon Knights)

11/07/03 Underground City Tavern, Springfield, IL

11/28/03 Flatlanders, Lincoln Shire, IL (with Backyard Tire Fire)

11/29/03 The Boulevard Café, Chicago, IL

12/10/03 Music Café, Columbia, MO

12/11/03 Stagger Inn Again, Edwardsville, IL

12/12/03 Friends and Co, Charleston, IL

12/13/03 Mugsy’s, Carbondale, IL (w/ High on the Hog)

12/27/03 Wabash Tap, Chicago, IL (w/Urban Twang)