Woodbox Gang Past Tour Dates
Jan 4, Friday, Yellowmoon Cafe, Cobden, IL 8:30pm to Midnight
Jan 5, Saturday, Cicero's, St. Louis, MO 
Jan 19, Saturday, The Liberty Theater, Murphysboro, IL (with Jason Ringenberg)
Jan 21, Monday, The Fox Theater, Boulder, CO (with Split Lip Rayfield) 
Jan 22, Tuesday, Tugboat, Steamboat Springs, CO 10pm to 1:30am
Jan 23 Wednesday, Quixotes, Denver, CO 
Jan 24, Thursday, 3:30pm Live On-Air at KDNK Community Radio, Carbondale, CO 
Jan 24, Thursday, Steve's Guitars, Carbondale, CO 
Jan 25, Friday, Bongo Billy's Salida Cafe, Salida, CO 
Feb 8, SOP's, Peoria, IL 11:30
Feb 15, Kinetic Playground, Chicago, IL 11:30pm 
Feb 22, The Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS 
Feb 23, Zoo Bar, Lincoln, NE
Feb 29, Cicero's, St. Louis, MO 
Mar 1, Hangar 9, Carbondale, IL  
Mar 21, SOP's, Peoria, IL
Mar 28, Wall Street, Murfreesboro, TN
Mar 29, Cicero's, St. Louis, MO
April 4, Staggar Inn Again, Edwardsville, IL
April 5, Hangar 9, Carbondale, IL
Apr 11, Patton Alley Pub, Springfield, MO
Apr 12, Jazzhaus, Lawrence, KS 
Apr 18, Springfest, Camp Zoe, Salem, MO 
Apr 19, Springfest, Camp Zoe, Salem, MO
Apr 24, Marley's, Springfield, IL (w/ Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band) 
May 2, Bent River Brewery, Moline, IL 
May 3, House Of Blues, Chicago, IL 
May 4, Mahoney's, Cedar Rapids, IA
May 9, Hangar 9, Carbondale, IL 
May 16, Midtown Music Hall, Chattanooga, TN 
May 17, Private Event, DeSoto, IL
May 23, Mousetrap, Indianapolis, IN
May 24, Hookahville, Legend Valley, Thornville, OH 
May 25, Sherman Spring Barndance, Sherman, NY 
May 26, Morse Hotel, Sherman, NY
May 27, Bocktown Beer and Grill, Pittsburgh, PA 
May 29, Marley's, Springfield, IL 
June 7, Crusen's, Peoria, IL 
June 12, Lucas Schoolhouse Ballroom, St Louis, MO
June 13, Hangar 9, Carbondale, IL 
June 14, Private Event, Pomona, IL
June 18, Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO 
June 19, Meadowlark, Denver, CO
June 20, Aggie Theater, Fort Collins, CO
June 21, Quixotes, Denver, CO (supporting Wayne "The Train" Hancock) 
June 24, Owsley’s Golden Road, Denver, CO
June 25, Winter Park Pub, Winter Park, CO 
June 26, Rico Theater, Rico, CO (supporting Vince Herman) 
June 28, Groovefest American Music Festival, Cedar City, Utah  
June 29, Groovefest American Music Festival, Cedar City, Utah  
June 29, Mystic Hot Springs, Monroe, Utah 
June 30, Exchange Place Plaza, Salt Lake City, Utah
July 1, Ketch'Em Alive, Ketchum, ID 
July 2, Mangy Moose, Moose Villiage, WY 
July 3, JJs Bar, Laramie, WY 
July 4, Party at Robert's Ranch, Virginia Dale, CO
July 5, Ramble on the River, Mishawaka Amphitheater, Bellevue, CO 
July 5, Mahogany Ridge, Steamboat Springs, CO
July 17, Martyr's, Chicago, IL  
July 18, Cicero's, St Louis, MO 
July 19, Hangar 9, Carbondale, IL 
July 24, Marley's, Springfield, IL 
Aug 2, Eamon Patrick's, Peoria, IL
Aug 8, House Of Crave, Columbus, OH
Aug 16, Hangar 9, Carbondale, IL
Aug 21, Marley's, Springfield, IL 
Aug 23, River Roots Live Festival, Davenport, IA
Aug 31, Kipona Festival, Harrisburg, PA
Aug 31, Bocktown Brewing, Pittsburgh, PA
Sept 5, Cicero's, St Louis, MO
Sept 6, The Uptowner, Charleston, IL
Sept 11, Cowboy Monkey, Champaign, IL 
Sept 12, Reggie's Music Joint, Chicago, IL 
Sept 13, Ribco, Rock Island, IL 
Sept 19, Hangar 9, Carbondale, IL (supporting Wayne "the train" Hancock)
Sept 20, Hangar 9, Carbondale, IL Sept 25, The Blue Note, Columbia, MO (with Split Lip Rayfield)
Sept 26, Marley's, Springfield, IL
Oct 3, Crusen's on War Memorial, Peoria, IL 
Oct 4, Private Event, Eureka, MO
Oct 5, Rustle Hill Winery, Cobden IL
Oct 9, The Melody Inn, Indianapolis, IN 
 Oct 10, Lucas Schoolhouse, St Louis, MO 
Oct 11, Shady Nook, Saybrook, IL 
Oct 16, Marley's, Springfield, IL 
Oct 18, Vulturefest, Makanda, IL
Oct 30, Hangar 9, Carbondale, IL 
Oct 31, House Of Blues, Chicago IL 
Nov 1, The Industry, Iowa City, IA
Nov 4, Fox Theater, Boulder, CO (with special guests Whitewater Ramble)
Nov 5, Steve's Guitars, Carbondale, CO
Nov 6, Hodi's Half Note, Fort Collins, CO 
Nov 7, Gold Hill Inn, Gold Hill, CO 
Nov 8, Skylark, Denver, CO
Nov 9, Winter Park Pub, Winter Park, CO
Nov 15, The Verve, Terre Haute, IN
Nov 21, Hangar 9, Carbondale, IL
Dec 4, Marley's, Springfield, IL
Dec 5, Cicero's, St Louis, MO
Dec 6, Buckner Brewery, Cape Girardeau, MO 
Dec 12, The Uptowner, Charleston, IL
Dec 13, Hangar 9, Carbondale, IL